Clarity - Make Collaboration Manager
Posted by Ken Kuperberg on 14 June 2017 11:08 AM

How to Make Collaboration Manager, better approach in making Collab changes is via a GEL Script.

1. Run this query: 
select id from CMN_SEC_GROUPS where group_code like 'CLB_PROJECT_MANAGERS%' 
and principal_id = <PROJECT ID> 

2. Use this id to enter the collaboration managers group of this project by going to any group in the admin tools and replace the id in the link, it should be something like this: 
http://<Clarity app>/niku/app?<The Group Id we just got> 
Now we're on the admin page of this project's manager collaboration group. 

3. Click "Resources" in the left menu. 

4.  Add the resource who is project manager of this project. 


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