Mapping fields in Microsoft Project to Clarity
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Title: Mapping fields in Microsoft Project to Clarity 
This document describes the required steps for mapping fields in MSP to Clarity.
This document describes the required steps for mapping fields in MSP to Clarity.
In order to map fields in the repository to Microsoft Project, you need to update a table in Clarity with the mapping. Do not do this yourself on the Server, and do not do it if you don't understand SQL. We will begin to map the demo databases with the information you need, as part of the standard builds.
To link a column in the repository task table 'prTask' and link it to a MSP task field, you insert a record in the table: 'MSPField'. You can define the link to accept both import and export.
Steps to map fields in MSP to Clarity
• Create the custom attribute (i.e. "prfootext") in Studio for the appropriate object type (i.e....project, resource, task) 
• Find the next numerical value in the MSPFIELD 
1. select max(prid) from mspfield 
2. add one to the query results to get the next number. 
• Select a canned mapping field in MSP 
1. These are fields that have numbers in them like Cost1, Finish3, Number 8, Text29, etc. 
2. Make sure it is not already mapped: select mspname from MSPFIELD 
• Next we need an entry in the repository table: 'MSPField':
a. PRID = <the next numerical value> 
b. PRNAME = '<custom attribute>' 
c. MSPNAME = '<MSP canned mapping field>' 
d. PRTYPE = <valid type> 
i. Valid types are 
• project 
• resource 
• task
e. PRFLAGS=<valid flag> 
i. Valid flags are: 
• Import only 
• Export only 
• Import & Export
i.e. INSERT INTO MSPFIELD VALUES(21, 'prfootext','TEXT12',3,3) 
• Test !!! 
Note: When adding entries to the MSPField table you must restart MSP to use the changes.
Please refer to the Clarity Niku Technical Reference Guide for information on all the mapped fields between MSP and Clarity.
Important Notes:
1. The "PRNAME" field in the MSPField table must be entered in all lower case and be set to the attribute ID value used in Clarity Studio. 
2. Clarity does not map custom assignments or team attributes to Microsoft Project. 
3. Mapping of lookup value type fields is not supported.









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