How to change MSP Default Version
Posted by Prakash Sanka on 25 May 2017 09:46 AM

Here is the query that you can run to basically dissociate a project from a specific MSP version. I ran this query for Campbell's MSP 2016 (CA PPM 15.1).

NOTE: Before you run this query, make sure the user has saved his/her unmapped columns in MSP saved/removed. Otherwise any unmapped Clarity fields/columns will be lost once you run the below query to reset the default MSP version.

Step 1: Ask user to save any unmapped field.
Step 2: Get confirmation
Step 3: Get Project Number from the user on which project he/she needs MSP default reset
Step 4: Run the below query on step 3 project. 
Step 5: Ask user to confirm if they can open this specific project in a different MSP Version than the previous defaulted MSP.

Run below query once Steps 1 thru 3 above have completed:

update prdocument

set prrecordid = ?? where prrecordid=?

and prtablename= 'PRJ_PROJECTS'

1.            Replace the ? with the 5 million number of the project. For ?? change the 5 to a 9. This will create a backup of the record in the database.


update prdocument

set prrecordid = 9000001 where prrecordid=5000001 and prtablename= 'PRJ_PROJECTS'


2. Run the below query to ensure that there is not already a project with the ?? prrecordid:

        select * from prdocument where prrecordid = ??


select * from prdocument where prrecordid = 9000001


3. To find the 5 million number for the project, you can run the below query (or it can be found in the PPM URL when clicking on the link to the project from the project list)  select id from inv_investments where name='<project name>' and object_type = 'PROJECT' 

Prakash Sanka

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