Clarity v12/v13 useful undocumented features
Posted by Tony Rosa on 03 June 2014 01:53 PM

Clarity Undocumented Features  -- Use with Caution

NOTE from v13 the 'syntax' of the application URLs changes slightly from earlier (v7/8/12) versions.



Q : Flushing the Cache 





A : This undocumented page in the Clarity GUI allows the administrator to clear the application

caches, either selectively or all-at-once. Using this page is an alternative to the trusted

"start and stop" the app services method of picking up configuration changes or forcing the system

to refresh pages from the application server.


Whilst this is "unsupported" by CA, it is generally accepted that this functionality can be used. The

alternative to using the hidden functionality is to "stop and restart" the app service.


The functionality can be accessed by administration users in all current versions of Clarity (7.5.x to 12)




Further Discussion :

Clearing cache

Flushing the cache




Q : Running XOG from the Clarity Application URL 




A : This undocumented page provides a simple XOG client. Type (paste) the XOG XML into the

top window, press "Run" and the output will appear in the lower window.


There should not be any issues using the screen, it is convienient for "running a quick XOG".

But the use of this is "unsupported" by CA - use it at your own "risk".


You should NOT build any integration solutions that rely on this screen, the normal XOG functionality

is the only CA-supported way of integrating data to Clarity.


The functionality can be accessed by administration users in all current versions of Clarity (7.5.x to 12)




Further Discussion :

Run/Invoke XOG from Clarity application URL





Q : Viewing / releasing locks 




A : This undocumented page provides an overview of all system "locks".

For example "Import Export Lock" is a project that is currently locked (being editted in OWB/MSP),

the other available lock types refelect system functionality.


(This screen is displaying the contents of the PRLOCK table)


But you should NOT really be "clearing locks" using this screen unless explicty directed to by CA-Support




Further Discussion :

Clarity randomly locking Projects when making updates through UI




Q : Viewing the LOG Files from the application 



A : This page in the Clarity GUI allows an admin user access to the server log files without having to access the CSA


This functionality can be accessed by administration users in only the later versions of Clarity (i.e. starting v13) and only on TOMCAT installations.

Using this "hidden page" should not replace normal access to log files through the CSA or directly on the server itself.




Q : Web Services Interface (WSDL) 



A : This page is the starting point of the system documentation for the web-services provided

by your application. CA-provided actions/queries will be found here, along with any custom

NSQL queries you have built. All are available to be call via a web-service from YOUR web-service

enabled client. Of course it is up to YOU / your systems integrator to "code" the client end of this



This page is documented is the CA-provided "Integration Guide"



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